Home Staging

Home Staging is the act of preparing a private residence prior to putting it up for sale by making changes to the interior design. Properly executed, Staging will allow potential buyers to feel at home immediately. Its purpose is to minimize the flaws of the property while maximizing its potential; it will allow for the best sale price within the least amount of time.


There are three types of services

01. The consultation
02. The one day transformation
03. Staging in three steps


Personal research

  • A full analysis of the property will be arranged.
  • Following this analysis, I will discuss with you the proposed improvements in order for your property to sell quickly and at the best price. 

You will receive a fully detailed written report on all the recommended improvements that should be made to your property.

Time:  3-5 hours depending on property dimensions.

For more details, please contact me at (hyperlink).


Home Staging carried out by two persons

To accomplish this transformation, it is necessary to work with your furniture and your accessories. There will be no subcontracting.

  1. Before the one day transformation:

    Depersonalization and decluttering.

  2. The one day transformation:

    Furniture placement

    Your furniture will be strategically placed to enhance each room and maximize the value of your property. Possibly, some furniture will be reassigned to other rooms or put into storage.

Mood development

To liven-up your home, it will be necessary to give it some ambiance. This is crucial in order to seduce potential buyers on many levels: lighting, smell, music.  This will include the strategic positioning of some of your decorating objects.

I will be making some recommendations during these visits that will improve the appeal of your house and, at the closing of the project I will offer some suggestions, which will be prioritized, in order to raise the value of your property.

Time:  8- 10 hours, depending on property dimensions.\

Based on the living areas of your property.  


Step 1:

A full analysis of your property is made on site. Following this study, I will discuss with you the proposed improvements recommended to obtain a speedy sale of your property for the best price possible.

Some of these recommendations will be given to you before we arrive on site in order to make things easier for us (decluttering, packing, and storage).

Step 2:

A detailed proposal will be presented listing the different tradesmen recommended to implement the changes.
You may choose to accept this proposal or you may choose to hire your own people.

Step 3:

After Step 2, it will become necessary to give your home some ambiance in order to make it sparkle.  Some articles will be rented, with your authorization of course. This is a crucial step for your property to appeal to potential buyers.

Time: 3-10 days according to work that must be done.

Based on the living areas of your property.